Training activities

The project's objective is to make the knowledge triangle work and also to improve the quality of entrepreneurship education at the High Education Institutions (HEIs) by developing the skills of the teachers, to create entrepreneurship ecosystem among and around the HEIs and also to enable students to pursue career path in entrepreneurship.
This objective will be achieved during and after the project by creating training and educational programs that will run continuously to expand the NetMIB network and to sustain the achievements of the project.

Train the trainers program for faculty members at High Education Institutions (HEIs) and for innovation intermediaries staff

Teaching staff at the participating HEIs/innovation intermediaries and also at the newly joining HEIs (after the closer of the project) needs to be trained on the entrepreneurship ecosystem based ideation, business model generation, and incubation teaching approach in order to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Equip teaching staff with the toolset of action learning method to facilitate formal and non-formal learning by students,
  2. Develop entrepreneurship capacity, mind-set of teaching staff,
  3. To develop the abilities of teaching staff to involve outside parties, actors (business professionals, public employees, ...etc.) in class room activities to facilitate co-creation and co-learning by different peers,
  4. To educate teaching staff on the importance of commercialization of business ideas to secure high success rate of business formation as the result of the ideation, business model generation, incubation program,
  5. To develop mentoring capabilities, skills set of the teaching staff,
  6. To enable teachers and managers of HEIs to reform the curriculum and the governance at the HEI to enhance the entrepreneurship skill development aspect of the institution.


Ideation and business model generation incubation program for students at the High Education Institutions (HEIs)

This incubation, teaching program as the main output of the NetMIB project is to enroll student at the participating HEIs and also at the ones that will join the network in a later stage to develop the entrepreneurship capacity of the participating students in order to have them contribute to real life problem solving via their new business ideas.

This educational program will include the following elements:

  1. Ideation and creative thinking curriculum,
  2. Intensive training program to facilitate business model generation,
  3. Thematic lectures in the field of business model generation,
  4. Methodology on business model generation (Eric Ries: Lean Start Up methodology; Osterwalder, Pigneur: Business Model Generation),
  5. Curriculum on video pitch creation seminar,
  6. Pitch assessment and evaluation methodology